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Sound FX has been providing quality audio support for the last 16 years. Over the years that has included more than 200 opportunities to deliver quality service in the audio industry. From repairs and installations to live sound production, Sound FX delivers on their promise of providing audio excellence.

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SoundFX partners with leading manufacturers of audio, automation, video, and integration systems. Our partners offer state-of-the-art technology and persistently innovate to improve audiovisual solutions that enable excellent communication for our clients. Our desire to surpass the accepted standards of audiovisual technology is matched only by our dedication to our customers. 

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Installation is more than just plug-and-play. Our team consists of highly trained experts who possess a comprehensive understanding of the various components needed for each installation. We have devised meticulous planning and strategies to ensure on-time and within-budget project completion. Our collaboration with manufacturers for certification training empowers us to provide valuable recommendations and choices that exceed expectations and create an unparalleled audiovisual experience.  

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